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Designed by legendary boat builders Gary and Bill Kenner, Frontier Boats represent exceptional value when it comes to center-console fishing boats that can do it all. Ideal for fishing and cruising the shallow coastal waters, Frontier's high-quality bay boats can make any solo or group outing a delight.

One of the Most Respected Bay Boat Brands

Frontier Boats is a division of K2 Marine. Boats in our Frontier line are lightweight with powerful motors for high speeds and excellent fuel economy. When you want all-around performance and efficiency on the shallow waters of the Gulf Coast, boats like ours are tough to beat.


There’s a reason Frontier is known for some of the best center console boats on the water. They’re built to be long-lasting, keep you dry and provide plenty of storage for whatever the day throws at you. Our Frontier models can easily traverse the shallow-water bay boats are made for, but they can also handle offshore treks in decent weather.

Check out our selection of shallow-water bay boats below and you’ll see what makes Frontier one of the best center-console boats you can buy.

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